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Aerial Video

We use Multirotors or drones to produce high quality aerial videos. We offer a fleet of drones of different sizes, to offer a very complete service for all types of productions, from Low Cost (GoPro 4) to production with the best cameras on the market (Red Epic, Arri Alexa, ..). Registered in AESA (Spanish authority) as aerial work operators and licensed drivers.


Aerial Photography

We have high quality photographic cameras to assemble to the drones that can be operated remotely, previewing the image from the ground to make the picture.
Moreover, Flying Free Films drones or multirotors are ready to accommodate any camera that the client intends. Photography overhead, mapping, panoramic photography, ...


Image Stabilizer

The drones are equipped with a latest technology 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. Any movement caused by wind, twist, etc. is corrected on the moment and neutralize the effect. We also have hand operation stabilizers: 3-axis gimbal created for professional films; specifically for films and advertising. Lightweight, accurate and quick to assemble, optical switch, etc.



Increasingly used drones in the industrial sector. Monitoring of works, studies 3D / 4D with specific software, thermography applications for agriculture, searching people, fires, building reviews, etc ....


Cable Cam

The Cable Cam or FlyingCam is a motorized mechanism (Trolley) mounted on a wire where it set a 3-axis head warm allowing stabilized "fly" a camera from a point A to point B. The FlyingCam is ready to work in any production, so in studios and outdoors, day or night and adapts different types of cameras.


Customized Services

Tell us what aerial and / or ground you want to achieve and we will discuss your proposal. We will advise you of the possibilities that exist in the market and we will help you define what is the best way to do it.